What happens if a 'link' is missing?

Most image in any InDesign® document are linked from external files. In order for Adobe® InDesign® Server to render the document correctly, these images will need to be uploaded by the user to the one2edit™ system.

This lesson shows what happens when images have not been uploaded and are thus 'missing' from a one2edit project.

An InDesign package contains a subfolder named 'Links' (the folder name is case-sensitive). The one2edit™ system will attempt to link the images from such a subfolder when the project is created. If that subfolder does not exist, then the images will not be automatically relinked (e.g. if they were uploaded in a subfolder named 'images').

Open the 'Project Details' window

To open the 'Project Details' window, select the document and click 'Edit > Properties'.

You may also click the thumbnail of the document to achieve the same result.

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