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Change Log

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Enabling the features in v3.9

one2edit™ User Interface Description – HTML5

Universal UI Elements – HTML5

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Jobs List – HTML5

Job Editor – HTML5

Templates Area – HTML5

Job Archive – HTML5

Settings – HTML5

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Projects Area – HTML5

Workflows Area – HTML5

Workflow Editor – HTML5

one2edit™ User Interface Description

Universal Menus

'Settings' Menu

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Projects Tab - Menus

Templates Tab - Menus

Jobs Tab - Menus

Job Archive Tab - Menus

Workflows Tab - Menus

Master Document Editor

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Job Editor

Workflow window

Designers – Designing a Document for Localisation/Translation

Manual for Designers

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Getting Started with one2edit™

For Everyone

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For Everyone – Spelling Panel

For Administrators – Users & Groups

For Administrators – Fonts & Font Packages

For Administrators – Projects & Files

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For Administrators – Templates

For Administrators – Dictionaries

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For Administrators - Text Rules

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For Translators

For Reviewers

Using the Translation Panel in the Job Editor

Getting Started with one2edit™ – HTML5

For Everyone – HTML5

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For Translators – HTML5

Using the Translation Panel in the Job Editor – HTML5

Administrators – Preparing your one2edit™ Workspace

The 'Settings' Menu

Adding Users & User Groups


Segmentation Rules

Language Sets

Importing External Translation Memory

Content Rules

PDF Presets

Preflight Profiles

Workflow Templates

Note Groups

Working with Folders

Administrators – Uploading Documents

Create and upload an InDesign® Package

Administrators – Creating Projects using the Project-Creation Assistant

Using a preset Content Group

From scratch (no preset Content Group)

Administrators – Creating Projects Manually

Creating a Project from an uploaded Document

Applying Segmentation Rules

Creating/Editing Content Groups

Assigning Content Rules

Assigning Content to Content Groups

Defining Frame Rules

Administrators – Checking your one2edit™ Project

Checking Links & Fonts in your new Project

Tips & Tricks

Administrators – Creating Jobs in one2edit™

Creating jobs via XML export/import

Creating jobs manually in one2edit

Creating job templates

Administrators – Further Tutorials

Settings > Users and Groups

Settings > Content Rules (Policies)

Settings > Language Sets

Settings > Font Packages

Settings > Preflight Profiles

Settings > PDF Presets

Settings > Note Groups

Settings > Segmentation Rules

Settings > Client Workspace Settings

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Editing the Layout in a Master Document

Administrators - Updating the Master Document

Updating the master document via one2edit™

Updating the master document via InDesign – one2edit™ Global File System

Updating the master document via InDesign – Legacy File System

Administrators – Essential Workshops

Setting up a Translation Project

Steps - Setting up a Translation Project

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Setting up an Editing Project

Steps – Setting up an Editing Project

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Setting up a Job Template

Populating the one2edit™ Translation Memory

Workflow Actions

Working with one2edit™ folders

Using a version document to update a master document

Create jobs from translated XML files

Administrators – one2edit™ Data Sources


Linking Excel files (XLSX) to projects using one2edit™ Data Sources

Linking Excel-file cells to segments using one2edit™ Data Sources

Triggering content updates from a Data Source


Users and Groups


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Text Segments



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PDF Output

Assets / Files

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Translation Memory

one2edit™ System

one2edit™ AIR client

one2edit™ Flash Client

Tips for Checkout/Check-in/DIFF Process

one2edit™ File System

one2edit™ Desktop Application